Q. What are the performance standards to be accepted onto the tour?

There are no real performance standards. But there are some meets that do have qualifying standards, some are very strict and others quite lenient. We will look at your performances and determine if it is viable for you to be on the Tour.

Q. What is the age requirement for the tour?

Age 15 or over.

Q. Who will enter me in the meets?

We will enter you in the meets and then you will reimburse us for your fees. You will be asked to tell us what events you will enter in each meet within 30-40 days of our Tour launch. You can scratch from events, but your fees are non-refundable.

Q. What events are there at the meets?

The normal range of athletics events, running events up to 10,000 metres. High School meets have the 300m hurdles and college meets have 400m. Hurdle heights and weight implements may differ from New Zealand. There is a high quality multi-events meet at the Arcadia Invitational.

Q. Do I need to bring my own throwing implements?

Discus would be good, and possibly a shot and/or javelin. You will need to check with the airlines on putting them on the plane. Most meets provide throwing implements.

Q. What size spikes do I wear?

California tracks have a variety of spike requirements. We suggest you bring an assortment of 5mm or 6mm Christmas tree, cone, and needle spikes. Also, bring a proper wrench and/or spike key and be prepared to change spikes when needed.

Q. What will be the training arrangements?

We will have a host track near the motel and endeavour to have the host facility provide you with whatever equipment you need. We will bring runners to trails and other safe places for training.

Q. Do I need a U.S. visa?

Unless you are an American citizen, you will need a visa. You can apply here: It is a fairly simple process, and you get the visa almost immediately.

Q. Are the deposits and payments refundable?

No. Non-refundable payments from our staff will be made for airlines, accommodation, rental car, etc. by the California Tour and cannot be recovered. We suggest you look into getting travel insurance. Our travel agent can help you with that.

Q. What do we do for food in California?

We normally stay in motel near grocery stores and restaurants and go out to eat in groups. Many of the motels we have stayed in have a refrigerator and a stove. Food is quite inexpensive in California. Thirty dollars NZ per day should cover it. We will cater to anyone’s dietary requirements.

Q. What entertainment will be provided on the Tour?

Past tours have included outings to: Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Hollywood, Alcatraz, San Diego Zoo, and pro sports venues like the Staples Centre, Dodgers Stadium, and Oracle Arena. We go to huge shopping malls like the Ontario Mills Mall and of course, the Beach. We appreciate your suggestions as well.

Q. What entertainment is covered on the Tour?

Anything that doesn’t require an entry charge – the beach, Hollywood, malls. All transport and parking is covered. You will pay for all other entertainment. Tickets to pro sports will be purchased before the Tour starts and you will be sent a bill for your seat.

Q. Will I be able to use my laptop or other device in California?

Yes you will be able to use your device (phone/tablet or laptop). All motels have Wifi, some may charge a minimal fee, and some don’t. You will need however to buy an American power plug for your device.